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Dermal Rolling


Dermal Rolling is wonderful for people who would like to turn back the hands of time. People that are looking for younger, smoother, brighter skin. Dermal Rolling is also wonderful for stretch marks on your stomach or legs. It's also very helpful in smoothing out and softening contractured burns or scar tissue.  


The procedure is done with a roller covered in superfine micro needles.  A roller is gently rolled over your face in a series of patterns to produce a natural flow of collagen. The collagen will flow for 30 days. During that time it is recommended that you use a Vitamin E oil and a Vitamin A cream for optimal results. Clients are strongly encouraged to come back for follow up treatments for the next five months following their first procedure, and every 90 days after that to maintain the results. 


"It feels like tiny needles in your skin, but it is not painful at all. It has definitely been worth it to me. I would recommend this treatment to anyone." - Client Review


"I am not a big fan of needles, but the results have been good! The tone and texture of my face has improved, my wrinkles are diminishing and my acne scars appear smaller. Teri Ann takes great pride in the work she does and the results show it. She is gentle and a perfectionist, If your not happy she's not happy." - Client Review

Pricing for Dermal Rolling

1st session   $120.00

Next 5 sessions   $80.00

This is a natural process and will need to be maintained every 31 days for the first six months and every 90 days there after.



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