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   Beautiful by Teri Ann

Permanent Cosmetics
Eyelash Extensions
Permanent Jewlery


"Teri  Ann was an inspiration to me so much that I went and studied the Art of Permanent Cosmetics. She has done my eyeliner and lips and I love it!" -Customer Review

"Love Teri Ann and her work :) She did an amazing job on my eyeliner. I had no pain during the procedure and very little pain for about 30 minutes after the numbing cream wore off. I wish I would've done this years ago." -Customer Review

"Lucky are the people that find Teri Ann and get to benefit from the unique and much needed services she provide" -Customer Review

"Teri Ann did my eyeliner and lashes. Absolutely loved the results. She is so sweet and kind during the process - always making sure you are doing well and comfortable. 

I highly recommend her!"  -Customer Review

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