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Permanent Cosmetics

Brows~Eye Liner~Lips

Permanent Cosmetics is a great choice for people with a busy or active life style. Permanent make-up allows you to wake-up and go! Permanent Cosmetics are wonderful for anyone that has allergies or sensitive skin. It's also a great choice for those who have trouble with their makeup running, smearing or simply wearing off too quickly. Do you have unsteady hands? Have arthritic or other pain in your hands making make-up application difficult?

YOU would benefit from Permanent Cosmetics!


Worried about pain? Rest easy! I numb the area before and during the procedure so you'll hardly feel a thing! Most of my clients describe the feeling as a vibration or a tickle.

Pricing for Permanent Cosmetics


Microblading  $375.00

Nano tattooing  $375.00

Ombre tattooing  $375.00

Full or Powdered  $375.00


Top and Bottom lash lines   $325.00

Top lash lines only   $200.00 

Bottom lash lines only   $200.00


Liner Only  $325.00

Blended Liner  $425.00

Full Lips  $425.00

*Touch ups are $60.00 per procedure on new procedures by Teri Ann.
*A second color with any procedure is and additional $60.00

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